Photostat Machine – Tips for Using a Photostat Machine

It will be very challenging when using a photocopy machine for the first time. This is because you will have hard time determining where to switch it on or off, how to lay papers and other crucial things that are important for the functioning of this machine. Furthermore, there are many accessories that such a machine will obviously come with and getting to understand their proper functioning is very vital. To that end, this article will focus on giving detailed instructions on the best way to operate a photostat machine so that you don’t mess up once started.

BX5TJS6A217380Imageservices 300x300 Photostat Machine   Tips for Using a Photostat MachineThe first thing should be making a prior checkup of the entire machine to note where the switching on and off knob is located. Mostly, this knob can be found on the back side of the machine and at the top right or left side. Without this, you cannot get your machine running because power is a necessity. Therefore, ensure you have determined that before turning on the machine. Make sure the machine is well plugged into the power source for the sake of steady supply.  After that, allow it sometime to get warm after which it is all set for use.

The next step should be opening up the paper tray to determine whether there are any papers inside. You should not start photocopying without enough papers inside the tray otherwise you will be engaging in a futile mission. The tray is found on the front side and is well positioned to make it easy for the user to open and close. To open, you will need to slide it out gently and many machines have up to three trays. This depends on the sizes of papers to be used. Once you have filled the tray with adequate papers, proceed to open the top part where the material to be copied is placed.

Be sure to put the material in the right manner for your copy to come out clean and straight. There is light that illuminates the material from the lower side of the transparent screen which will guide you on how to place the material. Direction of the copier matters a lot which should be considered as well. If the light moves from left to right, make sure the material to be copied follows suit and vice versa. This will avoid the copy from coming out reprinted in an awkward manner.

Always, leave to it that the photostat machine is covered when the photocopying process is in progress. The top lid should be well in place to avoid tampering with the final copied product. There is usually a touch screen on the outer side of the machine which is used to select among other things the quality of the copied piece, number of copies to be produced and color. In case you want a colored or black and white copy, this screen is all that you will use to determine that. The same procedures should be followed every time you are making fresh copies.

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